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Workshop from Leanne Calderwood

Content That Connects

3 Hours to a Sustainable Content Strategy

Fall 2024

😕Struggling to get consistent on your content strategy?

😢Frustrated over why you aren't getting consistent DMs and leads via LinkedIn?

😩Tired of wasting time (and money) on content that falls flat?

🙄Wondering where find inspiration when staring at a blank "Start a post" prompt?

Content That Connects will help you get past the uncertainty of not knowing what to write, the know-how to master various content formats on the platform, and the resources needed to create a long-term sustainable content creation plan, so you can elevate your thought leadership, build trust in the industry and attract leads and opportunities.  

This 3-hour workshop will help you:

⭐ Get clear on your content pillars and the reasons why you want to impact with your thought leadership

⭐ Explore the various content formats on LinkedIn (and which ones work best with the algorithm!)

⭐ Create a sustainable content creation plan for weeks and months to come!

And more!  

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