Updated Workshop from Leanne Calderwood!!

Content That Connects - 3 Hours to Creating a Sustainable Content Strategy

Join me on April 2nd at 9am PT / 12pm ET

and (finally) get your content strategy in place!

Does this sound like you?

• Do you log into LinkedIn and wonder “what am I going to say today?”

• Or are you disappointed in the lack of engagement when you do post?

• Or is perfectionism holding you back from posting your thought leadership?

What if things could be different?

What if your social media posts became easy and consistent, and your audience engaged with them!

Content that Connects workshop attendees will walk away with:

A no-fail strategy to filling your content bucket with dozens of content ideas.

Tools to help you write compelling content, right from the start, and algorithm hacks to give their content more reach on LinkedIn

A sustainable content strategy - one that you can build on as you gain experience and bandwidth

If you find yourself nodding to this, you're not alone...

When I first started my blog way back when, my posts had no rhyme or reason.  One day I was posting about “how to make your next meeting more sustainable” to the next day about  “how to pack your child’s lunch” (no kidding!)  

It was like throwing darts at the proverbial idea board.  As a result, I didn’t see much engagement from my audience.

Have you been there?

Or then I would go through weeks of not posting anything on my blog because I plum ran out of good ideas, and I know I’m not alone in this - when I chat with friends or colleagues about being active on social media,  I often hear  they’re not active because they “don’t know what to say!”

Have you said that?

Well friend, I’m here to tell you that not only do you have a TON to say, but that there are ways of uncovering your awesomeness in a way that impacts and influences your community.

That is what Content That Connects is ALL ABOUT!  It’s about getting to the heart of what makes you and your message unique, about creating a cohesive message so you create clarity with your audience,, and giving you tools so that you can share your voice with your community, consistently.

No blogs about child’s lunches, and no more month-long social media breaks.....

We’re going to change ALL OF THAT with…

Content that Connects -

3 Hours to Creating a Sustainable Content Strategy

LIVE Workshop, April 2nd, 2024

Content that Connects will help budding content creators get past the uncertainty of not knowing what to write, the know-how to master various content formats on the platform, and the resources needed to create a long-term sustainable content creation plan, so that they can elevate their thought leadership, build trust in the industry and attract leads and opportunities.  

Here’s what we’re cooking up in these 2 hours together


We’re busting through those mindset beliefs that are keeping you from showing up for your community.


We’re getting our ingredients together through activities that will have your bowl overflowing with great content ideas!


We’re mixing up our content formats and our storytelling to keep things fresh for our audience.


We’re using some copywriting secrets and using some algorithm hacks to ensure you receive full engagement on your posts!


We’re sticking around while our post stirs up engagement, and magnifying our “know, like and trust” factor.


We’re measuring our success, and building on it for future content sessions!

And we're diving into ChatGPT, and how you can save time and be inspired!

Walk away with invaluable templates that will have you saying "why didn't I use this before????

Who am I?

Hey friends, it’s Leanne and I’m obsessed with creating content!  In fact, I know I’ve had a good day if I’ve had time to put “pen to paper” and create something meant to help and empower my community!

When I started creating content 15 years ago, it felt awkward and haphazard, like throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks.  The good news is, there was absolutely nothing wrong with that approach!  I learned about what “stuck” and what didn’t, and I still test and retest content ideas and theories today.

Over the years I’ve created a solid system that allows me to create tons of content, in a fraction of the time (and a fraction of the stress), and I’m here to share that with you! By refining and tuning my LinkedIn content strategy, I’ve gone from hearing crickets on my posts, to getting consistently GREAT engagement. More importantly, my LinkedIn DM inbox receives leads and opportunities every single week as a result of my content creation.

For me, Content Creation is my way of giving back and serving my community, and if you’re ready to do the same, (but without the stress and uncertainty of what to write), come join me October 31st!

I look forward to celebrating YOU and your content very soon!


Here’s what you’ll get with your seat:

✨ Over two full hours of education with content creator, Leanne Calderwood - LinkedIn trainer, branding specialist, blogger, course creator and thought leader in the meetings and events industry.

✨Time to work on YOUR content - right there IN THE WORKSHOP!!!

✨ Templates and resources to help keep your content organized (Content Calendar) and inspired (101+ Content Ideas)

✨ ChatGPT templates and prompts that will inspire - these templates will help create content that sounds like YOU, and not some inauthentic robot!

✨ Replay of the April 2nd workshop, in case you needed to go grab a tea and you missed something!

✨ Follow-up Q&A call on April 16th also recorded in case you can’t make it!

Enroll in the April 2nd session for $149 CAD